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“You feel it as soon as you walk into the writers' room,” says a young comedian . delivered by one of several blonde female assistants in their early twenties. floor, with this bevy of girls, and their latest outfits and their magazines and their .. and a bit where Farley went to a gay bar and caught anal warts from Sandler. EYE: STRATFORD 4 CONCRETE BLONDE DAVE SAMMARCO BAN FRONTLINE RYAN ADAMS NOT ANOTHER TEEN NEGATIVLAND MOTORCADE SIXER SPACE HOLIDAY DEAN QUIXOTE YOUNG MARIE GWENS EVERYTHING . BANE SMASHING PUMPKINS COURSE OF NATURE ANAL CUNT GET UP. tan valise noun a blonde prostitute US, tap noun 1 a blow given or 2 a boy who persists in asking a girl for a date when reason would dictate a 3 someone who sells the police false or useless information in return for a small sum UK, TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO, Tarka verb to have anal intercourse.

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